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     Our ewe flock must exhibit great mothering instincts, excellent maternal traits and ample milk production to feed multiple lambs. She must keep a healthy body condition score and remain healthy on grass with minimal grain fed during lactation.  She is expected to raise her lambs and provide them with the nutrition to thrive and grow at an acceptable rate of gain.  After weaning (preferably twins or triplets) this ewe should recover her condition quickly on summer pastures (no grain) and be ready to breed back during her next scheduled breeding window.  Ewes are ranked according to their productivity  by  FarmWorks.  We use these productivity protocols to decide which ewes will continue to produce in our flock and which will be replaced.  All of our Adult animals are tested annually for BioSecurity (OPP, CL, and Johne's).  We do not have problems with hoof-rot or scald.


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